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Customer Reviews

"Highly Recommended... ...I have a high mileage Jeep and suspected a possible Bearing Issue. I dropped it off for an opinion, expecting to hear the worse. They could have cheated me and said it was a Bearing problem. ...Instead, they discovered that it was simply a problem with how my Rotor was installed. After putting the Rotor on properly, and the tire back on-- --They didn't even charge me. I'd feel safe taking my Jeep in for future repair work."

— Howard

"I ve been using this shop for years and have been extremely satisfied with the excellent workmanship, straightforward and honest communication and fair prices."

— Sujan

"Running great after a major service. Hope to keep the Honda another couple of years or more."

— Ron

"Had my car in for inspection. They were really timely in calling me to discuss my car s issues so that they could have parts ordered for tomorrow and have the whole job done that day."

— Alyssa

"Loved these guys. Went there for a yearly-got--to-inspection-you-must-be-kidding-me since I moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago. They didn't try to oversell me, and treated me with respect. My only complaint? They were too quick. I was counting on two bliss-free hours from the chaos of my office, sitting in their nice lounge, and they were done in an hour. Go here. They rock."

— Jeanne

"Always satisfied, even in this case when our poor old Prius did not pass inspection. Keith had it put back up on the rack to take photos so we could understand exactly what we need to have done at the body shop. This illustrates one of the strengths of Baum, communication."

— Mary

"Every time I have brought my vehicle here, they have identified and fixed the problem pretty quickly. I think they re prices are pretty reasonable and they always give me a follow up phone call to make sure the problem was fixed. I really appreciate that they do this."

— Elmer

"This place seems like a trustworthy repair shop. I just brought my vehicle in for a state inspection, emission test, and to also have a set of tires installed. The vehicle passed and they did not try to sell me any services that I did not request. The prices were average."

— Suzain