Environmental Stewardship

Historically, the automotive industry has been a dirty business. From the materials used to manufacture the vehicles to the fuel that powers them, automobiles have become a looming environmental concern over the years. Today, vehicles are more efficient and the manufacturing process has started to take a closer look at how to maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment.

In fact, many manufacturing plants such as Subaru, Ford, and GM are already incorporating Zero Waste initiatives wherein no manufacturing waste will end up in landfills.

The owner of Baum Blvd. Automotive, Chuck Wichrowski, strongly believes in environmental stewardship. In addition to being a board member of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities, Chuck is a sponsor of Carnegie Melon University's Charge Car program. Charge Car's mission is to be dedicated to open, community centered teamwork for making electric vehicles practical and affordable enough to revolutionize urban commuting.

In 2013, Baum Blvd. Automotive installed an Electric Car Charging station. We did this for two main reasons. The first is to demonstrate to other businesses and institutions that it is very easy to provide car charging service for their customers and employees. Second, it is part of our continued efforts to support and service alternative fuel vehicles. As automobile technology changes, we will always do our best to keep up with the changing technology. Our charging station will be free of charge to anybody with an electric vehicle; so if you have an electric vehicle, stop by any time to have it re-charged!

Our environmental compliance officer, Ryan Hart, works with the technicians and management to determine best practices and minimize our negative impact on the environment. While automotive repair is a dirty business, we are doing our part to make our business clean.

Our Practices Include: